Emirates baggage policy


Emirates Airlines is a prominent airline. You will get all the services at the time of traveling. While traveling, sometimes the passenger carries luggage that exceeds the set limit. Passengers must pay a small baggage fee to Emirates Airlines in order to carry the required bags because baggage restrictions can vary from bag to bag. Emirates Airlines has set some policies under which passengers can carry their bags. If you need assistance regarding your baggage, you can contact the customer service representative. The policies for baggage are as per described below:

  • If the passenger carries some precious stones or other essential items, then they can carry it with them in the cabin.
  • If you make the booking in economy class, then the weight for your checked bags must be approximately 20 kgs and the check-in bags at least 7 kgs.
  • The passenger in the business class can carry extra bags. Emirates business class baggage allowance is checked bags of around about 30 Kg and check-in bags of 10 kg. 
  • In your carry-on bags, you cannot carry any chemicals, loose food, liquids, and electronic items.
  • If the weight of both carry-on and checked bags exceeds, then you need to pay some additional fees depending on the weight of the bags.
  • A tag with the passenger's name, address, booking number, and phone number must be attached to each piece of luggage that is issued by Emirates.

Emirates baggage allowance international.

While traveling with Emirates Airlines, the passenger who booked an international flight. They can carry the luggage, but there are some weight limits under which you can take your luggage are mentioned below:

  • The weight of your checked bags should be at least 23 kg, and the weight of check-in bags is approximately 9 kg.
  • You are also allowed to take extra luggage on the flight. 

Emirates carry-on size Limit - carry-on rules.

There are some rules for carry-on bags that are set by Emirates Airlines as given below:

  • For the passenger in economy class, the weight of the carry-on bags is almost 7 kg, and the checked bags' weight must be 15 kg.
  • If you are traveling in the business class or premium economy class, then you can carry check-in bags for at least 10 kgs and checked-in bags for 23 kgs.

How much weight can I take in an Emirates cabin?

The Emirates cabin baggage allowance is as per mentioned below:

  • The weight of carry-on bags must not exceed 7 kg. If it exceeds, then you need to pay some additional cost.
  • In the cabin bags, you cannot carry any liquids, chemicals, cigarettes, lighter, chargers, or loose food.

What is the hand luggage allowance for Emirates?

  • The Emirates hand baggage allowance is one carry-on baggage that may not exceed at least 55 x 38 x 20cm and must weigh no more than 7kg.
  • In premium economy, the passenger can carry the bag not more than 10 kg.