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Avianca Flight Services

Complete Details of About : Avianca Airlines – Company Details & and Service’s Offers Airways

Avianca Airlines is the largest airline in Colombia and the second largest in Latin America. It was founded on 5 December 1919 and commenced its operations on 14 June 1940. Avianca always aims to provide supreme facilities to its passengers and make their journey experience the best one. It flies to more than 64 destinations, and if you face any issues while booking the flight ticket, then you can contact Avianca customer service representative. Avianca Airlines makes it so easy for passengers to approach the representative. 

What services does Avianca Airlines offer?

While traveling with Avianca Airlines, you will get various services as per described below:

  • Pets on Board: If you want to travel with your pets, you can easily do that. You can add this service by visiting the official website of Avianca Airlines and follow all the steps. After that, you will add the pet services to your ticket.
  • Medical Companion:  If you are traveling with a passenger who has some medical issues, then you will get medical assistance for them. You need to submit the medical certificate at the help desk at the airport. Avianca Airlines will provide you with medical help from your departure to boarding. 
  • Avianca Lounges: You can also access the lounges at Avianca Airlines. You just need to pay some charges, or if you are a premium member, then you will get it free. You will get several facilities in the lounge, such as wifi, food, and a working zone. Comfort and much more. If your flight gets delayed, then you can access Avianca lounge and make your travel more convenient. 
  • Accessibility Assistance: You can get special assistance or wheelchair assistance if you are traveling with a passenger who needs that. You can add this service by using the online process, or you can also communicate with the customer service representative of Avianca Airlines.
  • Miles point: For its premium member Avianca Airlines introduced the mileage reward points. On every booking, you will get the points as per your destination, and you can use these points on your next booking. You will get great deals and discounts on your ticket.
  • Additional Baggage Allowance: If you want to take additional baggage with you, then you can add it at the time of the booking. You just need to open the web link of Avianca Airlines and complete the procedures.
  • Upgrade your Seat: If you want to upgrade your seat, then you can do it easily. Avianca Airlines makes it simple for its passengers to upgrade their seats. You can contact the customer service representative, and they will guide you with the methods, procedures, and policies for the same. 

Where does Avianca fly?

There are more than 64 destinations where Avianca Airlines flies. Some of the destinations are as per listed below:
•    Argentina.
•     Aruba
•    Bahamas
•     Barbados.
•    Bermuda
•     Colombia
•    United Kingdom
•    United States
•     Switzerland
•    Sint Maarten
You will always get the best services while traveling with Avianca Airlines. The Avianca Airlines reviews are always on the top as it is the largest airline in Colombia. If you have any queries, then you can also visit the official website of Avianca Airlines.