American Airlines carry on policy

American Airlines

While traveling with American Airlines, you have to follow multiple policies, and baggage policies are one of them. In American Airlines' baggage policy, airlines mention the number of bags, the weight of bags, things which are not allowed, etc., and having information about these things is essential to make the trip more comfortable. If you want to get details about carry-on baggage instructions, then go through the details below. 

  • You can carry one carry-on and personal item bag; your bag should be like a purse, handbag, laptop bag, etc. 
  • American Airlines also consider that every passenger needs to label their every carry-on bag and check it to make it easy to find. 
  • Musical or Sports equipment can also be considered a carry-on bag, but only if it fits in the upper head bin. 
  • The American airline's size of carry-on is such a shape which can easily fit in the lower seat or upper head cabin. If the size of your bags doesn't fit in the upper head bin, you must send it with your checked luggage. 

Things which does not count as personal item bag are below. 

  • Child safety seats, strollers, and medical or mobility devices
  • Diaper bags one per child

American Airlines carry on Allowance.

  • A passenger traveling on the basic economy fare can carry one carry-on bag without paying charges, and to carry an extra bag, they have to pay additional charges. 
  • According to aa baggage policy for all other travel classes, airlines allow two carry-on bags to all destinations.
  • Travelers traveling with any infant or child passenger can carry an extra bag pack for each child traveler without paying any additional amount.                                                                      
  • The carry-on pet must fulfill the size, weight, dimension, and other pet policies, and if it doesn't meet the requirements, you must send it with your checked luggage. 
  • As per the policies, the size of carry-on luggage american airlines must be under 51 linear inches If you have any soft-sided garment bag. 
  • The airlines don't count mobility and medical devices towards carry-on limits; if the device doesn't fit in the cabin or has limited space, you need to send it with checked baggage. 

American Airlines Carry-on Size/Weight Limit

  • The American airline's weight limit carry-on must be under 10 kg, and personal item bags must be under 7 kg. If your bag's weight exceeds, you need to send it with checked bags. 
  • The dimensions of the personal item bag have to be under 18X14X8 inches, and for checked bags, the dimension needs to be under 22X14X9 inches, including handles and wheels. 

Top Ways to Avoid American Airlines Baggage Fee

  • If you are a member of the AAdvantage program or Gold Elite status, you will not need to pay any charges to carry your baggage. 
  • If the weight, dimension, numbers of bags, etc., are as per the policies of the airlines can easily waive the baggage fees on American Airlines.
  • Travelers traveling on business or first class will not need to pay any baggage fee.