How can I get study visa for Canada?

The study visa for Canada could allow a student to study in the designated learning institute. But this study visa could not be the same as a visa because having these does not mean that you can enter the country. Further, to have a Canada study visa, you have to be eligible as per the rules established by them.
•    Enrolled in designated learning institutions (DLI)
•    Have proof to pay for tuition fees.
•    Able to pay living expenses for yourself and your family members.
•    Possess enough money for paying a return ticket to visit a family member and yourself.
•    Carry a police certificate with no past criminal record and follow laws.
•    Conduct a medical examination and have a good health certificate

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One of the main ingredients for securing a Study visa in Canada is showing proof of the required money. Moreover, the main applicant for a Canada student visa should have at least CAD 10 000 in the bank account with tuition fees for the first year. Further, for the student tagged along with the family member, then an additional CAD 4000 must be included, and CAD 3000 for any extra member.  

Process for "Apply for student visa Canada"

When you are eligible for a student visa in Canada and have each required document, then you can go ahead with its student visa. Furthermore, you could apply for a student visa online only, but with certain exceptions. Hence, the procedure process to have a study permit in Canada has been displayed at the bottom:-
•    Reach out to the official webpage of the Government of Canada,
•    After that, sign in to an account or create a new one
•    Now, choose the “menu” icon and select 
•    Then, select “immigration and citizenship” options 
•    Later, choose “study” options and then “ Applying to schools in Canada as an international student.”
•    Afterward, you could have to share specific information and select your country.
•    Further, follow up with the onscreen procedure and submit a required document.
•    Next step, you could have to pay study permit fees of $150 with other changes
•    The processing time for a visa could be seven weeks without the inclusion of biometrics and medical examinations.

What is the Documents Need for a student visa in Canada?

The candidate applying for a student visa in Canada must be laced with the proper required documents to pursue their further studies. Although a Canada schooling visa required certificates are as such:-
•    Carrying a letter of acceptance from a designated learning institution (DLI) in Canada
•    Possess sufficient identification proof documents.
•    Proof of enough funds in accounts
•    A letter of Explanation that shows “why you want to study in Canada.” 
•    Attestation of Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) 
•    A custodian declaration form, in case of a minor 
•    Other required documents.

Which test is required for a Canada student visa?

When you are willing to study in Canada, then you could not only have to be appropriate with the document but also have to pass out some tests. Further, the exam that is accepted for a Canada student visa is IELTS or TOEFL, or PTE. However, us visitor visa from Canada for international students may not have to appear in such tests to prove their proficiency in English.