Is american airlines trip insurance worth it

Yes, whoever is trying to protect their reservation and trip on American Airlines can purchase the trip insurance since it will be worth it. If you want to know why american airlines insurance is worth it for the passengers, then there are some reasons behind it which you can read below in the information:

  • Passengers can get financial reimbursement when they cancel or interrupt their journey for reasons like injury, illness, emergency, jury duty, etc.
  • Travelers can also get emergency medical benefits in and outside the US, but some personal health insurance policies like Medicare will not cover these benefits.
  • People who purchase medical trip insurance can get 24-hour emergency medical assistance to resolve medical emergencies or other traveling-related issues on board.

What's american airlines trip insurance

American Airlines trip insurance is an insurance product that covers unforeseen losses incurred while traveling with American Airlines flights, either for domestic or international traveling. American Airlines has some trip insurance plans and wherein Amex flight delay insurance and Allianz Trip insurance come in various plans that fulfill the passenger's specific needs and requirements. 

  • If a person purchases the Single trip plan, he can protect only one trip on American Airlines flights.
  • If a passenger buys Annual plans, the traveler can protect all his trips for an entire year.

How to take American Airlines travel insurance?

If a passenger is planning to purchase any travel insurance on American Airlines, then he can visit the American Airlines official website, and passengers can also buy this trip insurance after making their reservation and the time while booking American Airlines flights since all the trip insurance plans come in different plans so that you can purchase them accordingly for your trip.

Benefits of Allianz travel insurance American airlines

Passengers who will buy american airlines flight insurance will get several benefits. Some of their trip insurance advantages are mentioned below:

  • Flight interruption: Passengers will also receive reimbursement for the unused and non-refundable portion of the ticket when the flight gets interrupted.
  • Emergency medical care: In case of any emergency to the passengers, they will get reimbursed expenses which covers medical and dental care for the mishappening incurred on the trip.
  • Flight delay: If the passenger's flight gets delayed for six hours or more than that for any reason, the passenger will receive extra meals and accommodations as reimbursement.
  • Lost or damaged bag: If a person's bag gets lost or damaged, or stolen during the traveling, then reimbursement will be provided to the passengers by American Airlines flights.
  • Delayed bag: If a traveler's bag gets delayed for more than 24 hours, reimbursement will be provided to the passenger for the purchase of essential items.

How to Contact allianz trip insurance provider at American airlines

If a person from the US, Canada, or Mexico wants to contact the Allianz trip insurance provider at American airline, then he can go through the below-provided details:

  • US residents can go to this office address - Allianz Global Assistance, 9950 Mayland Drive, Richmond, VA 23233 and call this toll-free number - 800-628-5404. Send an email to -
  • Canadian residents can get Allianz global assistance at - Allianz Global Assistance, 700 Jamieson Parkway, Cambridge, ON, N3C 4N6, Canada, and can call this phone number 866-520-8831.