United Airlines Pet Policy: Need to know all Rules Before Fly

The passengers may suffer from special conditions and require their dog's assistance while traveling. If you have made your booking with United Airlines, you are allowed to bring your pets on the flight. However, the passengers must follow the airline's guidelines to get their pets on the flight. To know the United airline's dog policy, read the points below:
•    The dog has to sit in front of you on the floor; it cannot occupy an aisle and the floor space of other passengers. 
•    The dog must be trained to behave properly; if the dog is violent and can disturb other passengers, United Airlines will deny boarding such pets.
•    A certified doctor or veterinary hospital must vaccinate the dog. The passengers will have to attach the vaccination certificate while booking. 
•    The passengers can get two service dogs on the flight for free. 
•    The dog must be over months and trained to help people with a disability.

United Airlines Pet Carrier Guidelines

United Airlines is not imposing any restrictions on the passengers by allowing only a few breeds of pets to fly with them. The passengers can bring pets of any breed and size but must fit in the carrier. The airline suggests its passengers either get a hard or soft-sided carrier. A carrier can carry only one pet in it, and the pet must be able to stand, breathe, and move properly inside it. The pet must stay in the carrier the whole time during the trip and must be under your seat. Here is the size for the carrier is mentioned below:
•    Hard-Sided Carrier: This carrier must be a dimension of 19 cm in Height, 44 cm in Length, and 30 cm in Width.
•    Soft-Sided Carrier: If you bring your pet in this carrier, it must be 27 cm x 45 cm x 27 cm in Height, Length, and Width.  

What Types of Animals Can Fly with United Airlines?

United Airlines has allowed several animals fulfilling the following requirements to fly with the airline.
1.    Service Animals- The dogs trained to help a person with their disabilities, such as physical, cognitive, and psychiatric, can fly with the airline to support their owner during the travel.
2.    Therapy Animals- Pets that a therapy organization trains can be in a school or hospital, or nursing home. The passengers can fly with these animals as their pets.
3.    Emotional Support Animals- The pets with whom the passengers are connected emotionally can get their pets on the flight. Still, they must remain in the carrier during the trip.

Where can I Fly with my Pet on United Airlines?

The passengers can fly with their pets to several destinations, including domestic and international locations. However, suppose you are traveling to an international destination. In that case, you must visit the official site of United Airlines and check the rules and regulations for pets in that country and then add your animal accordingly. 

How do I add a pet to a United flight?

Domestic Flights: The passengers flying to a domestic location can add their service dog while booking. However, if they have not added an animal earlier, follow the process below to add united airlines pet travel after the booking:
•    Visit “United Airlines” Main domain
•    Provide the booking itinerary in "Manage m" Booking" and get "the booking details.
•    Now, go to the menu and tap on Add a Pet.
•    Complete the form by providing your pet's details and making the payment. 
•    The airline will add the pet to your travel.

International Flight: The passengers are advised to call at 1-800-228-2744 and add their pets, as some countries restrict pets. 

How much does United Airlines charge for pets?

The passengers booked united flying with Pets will have to pay a fee to add their animals to the journey. United Airlines charges $125 for one-way traveling with your pets. You can add your pet through my trip or select "Travel with a Pet" while booking.