How can you bring pets on a plane Delta?

Are you planning to travel with your pet on a plane? Well, Delta Airlines allows passengers to travel with their pets. For domestic and international flights, with Delta pet policy, passengers can worry less about their pets and travel freely. 

Delta Airlines allows small cats, dogs, and household birds on board inside the cabin. You do not need to purchase a separate ticket for your pet, but at the time of check-in, there is a one-way fee that needs to be paid. The pet travel fee is somewhere between $100 USD and $250 USD, and it varies with the destination and travel type. 

Delta Airlines' Pet Policy

If the passenger is willing to bring their pet on board, there are certain Delta pet rules and regulations that need to be followed. The pet policy at Delta Airlines is as follows. 

  • Passengers can carry small cats and dogs on domestic as well as international flights. Other pets, including rabbits, hamsters, household birds, and guinea pigs, can only travel on domestic flights. 
  • The minimum age of pets for domestic travel is 10 weeks, travel to the US is 16 weeks, and travel to the European Union is 15 weeks. 
  • There are certain breeds of cats and dogs which are restricted on Delta Airlines flights. 
  • Most pets are carried inside the cabin, and the owner must ensure that they are in a comfortable pet carrier that fits under the seats, has ventilation, and is leakproof. 
  • For the travel of the pets, all the required documents, like medical reports and others, must be presented at the time of check-in. 
  • The pet must be healthy and vaccinated at least ten days before the departure of the flight. 
  • Passengers carrying their pets are allowed only one carry-on baggage, that is, the pet carrier, along with one handbag. 

How strict is Delta with carry-on pets?

Delta Airlines makes sure that if the passengers are traveling with their pets, the passenger or the animal must not face any issues. All the requirements for the pets will be fulfilled on board with the Delta Airlines pet policy. Most of the pets are allowed inside the cabin as a carry-on in a Delta-approved pet carrier. The carrier must be leakproof, with enough ventilation and space for your pet.

Does my pet need a health certificate to fly Delta?

Yes, to travel with your pets on Delta, the owner must ensure that the pet is healthy enough and needs a health certificate. 

What are the requirements for a dog to fly on Delta Air Lines?

On Delta Airlines, the requirements for a dog to fly are as follows. 

  • Small dogs that can fit inside a pet carrier. 
  • Passengers must carry a pet carrier that is spacious, leakproof, and with ventilation.
  • The dog must be healthy and vaccinated at least ten days before the flight. 

Do dogs need vaccines to fly Delta?

Yes, according to Delta dog policy, your dog must be vaccinated at least ten days prior to the flight’s departure. 

What size dog can fly in a cabin on Delta Airlines?

At Delta Airlines, only small dogs that can fit comfortably inside the pet carrier of recommended dimensions 18″ x 11″ x 11″ that fit under the seats can fly in the cabin.