How to Get Good Flight Deal on Google Flight for London

Finding a great flight deal to London is an exciting step in planning travel. Google Flights is a powerful tool to help you discover competitive fares and make informed decisions. There are a few tips that will help you know how to secure a good flight deal using Google Flights:

  • Flexible Dates: Ensure your travel dates are flexible; use Google Flights calendar view to identify the cheapest days to fly to London. This feature displays prices for an entire month, helping you choose the most cost-effective travel dates.
  • Explore Map: Utilize the "Explore Map" feature on Google Flights. It is a tool that shows flight prices to different destinations on a map, allowing you to identify nearby airports that offer lower fares.
  • Set Price Alerts: Enable price alerts for your desired travel dates. Google Flights will notify you of price drops, helping you catch deals as soon as they appear.
  • Use Filters: Apply filters to narrow your search based on airlines, stops, and layovers. It can help you find flights that align with your preferences and budget. You can also use this filter according to the airline’s name. 

The Process to Book Google Flight to London

The steps to book your Google flights from Boston to London using Google flight are explained below in detail.

  • Choose the flight option that best fits your travel requirements and budget.
  • Carefully review the flight details, including departure and arrival times, layovers, and baggage allowances.
  • Select the fare that meets your preferences. Consider factors such as baggage allowance, flexibility, and amenities.
  • Enter passenger details as required, including names, contact information, and any special requirements.
  • Please navigate to the payment page and input your payment details. It is important to choose a secure payment method to ensure safety.
  • After your payment is processed, you will get the confirmation email containing your flight details and booking reference number on the e-ticket.

What Airlines are Listed on Google Flights?

Google Flights aggregates flight information from various airlines, including major carriers and low-cost airlines. Some airlines commonly listed on Google Flights for flights to London include British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Lufthansa, Air France, and more.

How to Change Google Flight Indian Currency to London Currency?

Google Flights usually displays prices in the currency of your location or the departure country. To change the currency to London's local currency, you might need to adjust your Google account's location settings to the United Kingdom. However, it's important to note that currency conversion rates and fees may apply when booking in a different currency