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Complete Details of Delta Airlines History Airways

Delta Airlines is one of the well-known airlines of the United States. It operates more than 5400 flights daily to 325 destinations in 52 countries. It serves the passengers with the supreme service and provides them with all the facilities. Delta Airlines was founded on March 2, 1925. It is also a partner with many airlines, such as Air France Airlines, KLM Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic. Delta is the first airline that boards approximately 100 million passengers in a year. 

What are the services provided by Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines served its passengers with various services so that they did not face any kind of issues while traveling with Delta Airlines. The services are as per described below:

  • Accessible Travel Services: Delta Airlines believes in providing its facilities equally to everyone. The passenger who needs special assistance, accessibility assistance, or the passenger who is blind or deaf, or hard of hearing will get complete help from Delta. If you need more information, you can also contact the customer service representative by making a call at 404-209-3434, and they will solve your issues.
  • Traveling with Pet: Passenger who is traveling with pets can add them by using the online process. You can easily carry your pet on the flight. Delta Airlines has set some policies and makes it easy for passengers to carry their pets. You can also communicate with the customer service representative regarding your concern.
  • Special Circumstance: Delta Airlines provide special assistance to passengers who are pregnant or have any medical conditions. You will get all the required things at the time of boarding. You can also add this service by visiting the official website and tapping on the manage my booking option. 
  • Mileage Rewards: Delta Airlines provides the SkyMiles plan to its passengers. If you have purchased a premium membership of Delta Airlines, then you will get miles rewards. Every time when you book a flight ticket, you will get the traveling points according to your traveling destination and distance. It is known as a miles reward, and you can use it on your next booking, and you will get the best discounts and offers on it.

How many hubs does Delta Airlines have?

Delta Airlines have a total of 9 hubs as per listed below:

  • Atlanta.
  • Boston.
  • Detroit.
  • Los Angeles.
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul.
  • New York–JFK.
  • New York–LaGuardia.
  • Salt Lake City.
  • Seattle/Tacoma.

Where does Delta Airlines fly?

Delta Airlines flies to more than 325 destinations. Some destinations are as per mentioned below:

  • United States 
  •  Canada · Mexico 
  • Florida 
  •  Central & South America 
  • Asia 
  • Australia
  •  New Zealand 
  • Tahiti 
  •  Africa 
  •  The Middle East 
  •  Alaska

What are the other essential services provided by Delta Airlines?

There are some essential services provided by Delta Airlines are as given below:

  • Baggage: According to Delta Airlines baggage regulations, you are not required to pay an additional price to bring handbags, briefcases, or carry-on bags on board. The passengers must pay a small baggage fee to Delta Airlines in order to carry the required bags because carry-on policies can differ from luggage to luggage.
  • Seat Upgrade:  You can also upgrade your seat. The seat upgradation at Delta Airlines depends on the seat availability. Delta airlines reviews are always on the top.