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Complete Details of Company Background : Copa Airlines Airways

Being the flag carrier Airline of Panama, Copa Airlines is headquartered in Panama City. The main hub of this Airline is Tocumen International Airport. It operates flights to domestic and international routes and makes sure that the passengers have the best experiences with them. Copa Airlines was founded in 1947, and since then, it has made sure that all the passengers have the best experience with them so that they can expand their services and start having more flights. Further, we will review all the information about Copa Airlines, which will help you travel with them.

What are the services that Copa Airlines offers?

There are several services that Copa Airlines offers when we go through Copa Airlines Review:

•    ConnectMiles: Copa Airlines have a loyalty program called ConnectMiles, and if you are a member of this, you can enjoy many benefits they offer. The aim of this program is to make your journey comfortable and convenient.

•    Baggage Allowance: the bags with a weight of 23 kg are allowed to bring to Copa Airlines. Only 32 kg of extra baggage will be permitted at the Airline, and you need to make sure that it does not cross this limit. The size of the checked bags' total dimensions should not exceed 62 inches (158 cm).

•    Carry-On: It is the bag that you can bring to the flight. Ensure it is under 10 kg of weight and does not cross the size limit of 22'' high + 14'' long + 10'' wide. If your bag crosses the size limit mentioned by the Airline, it might not fit into the overhead cabin, so follow the instructions carefully.

•    Personal Item: With carry-on, you can also get one personal item for the flight. The personal item that you can carry includes books, camera, binoculars, guitar ( small musical instruments), hand purse, backpack, baby stroller, a laptop, etc. These items should be placed in front of the seat space on the flight.

•    Check-In: you can check in online with Copa Airlines, and that can be done only 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight. It will save you from a lot of chaos and long queues at the Airport.

•    Offers and Deals: The Airline has deals and offers which will make your flight ticket reasonable. You can Newsletter Subscribe to their official website so you will be updated about them as soon as there are any offers.

•    Manage Booking: The Airline has Manage Booking, through which you can access your flight ticket online and make all the required changes to it. Cancellations, Refunds, name or flight changes, everything can happen through it.

•    Special Assistance: You can get special assistance as well with Copa Airlines. If you are traveling with a kid, a senior citizen, or physically or visually impaired, then you can get special assistance.

•    Seat Preferences: The Airline has seat assignments, but you also have the option to select your seat with the Airline. 

How many hubs does Copa Airlines have?

Copa Airlines has several hubs from which they operate their flights, and some of them are listed below:
1.    Panama - Tocumen International Airport
2.    Costa Rica - Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport
3.    Columbia - El Dorado International Airport
4.    Mexico - Puebla International Airport
5.    Cuba - Frank País Airport
6.    Peru - Francisco Secada Vignetta International Airport