What to wear for Passport photo?

The experience of applying for a passport gives you two different experiences: one is an awaited International trip, and the other one is an appointment to apply passport. The second one leads many people to raise a similar type of concern about “what to wear for a passport picture.” So, you are advised to dive into the points to explore the answer related to the same query;
•    Casual Outfit— You must put on casual outfits rather than being in any suit or color related to camouflage. 
•    Avoid strapless— You are suggested not to carry strapless attire as you might look exposed in your passport photo. 
•    Be natural— Sometimes, applying too much makeup may make a difference in a real picture; thus, it is advised to go for a passport photo without makeup.  
•    Dark Color— You must wear something dark color, for example, black, brown, etc., so the photographs are taken well. 

What is the best color to wear for a passport photo?

You must wear a dark color either a shirt or a T-shirt, for your passport photo. Because the background of the photo would be white, and if you wear the light one, you might blend with the background, and the picture won’t be as clear as it requires to be for further verification. 

What color is not allowed for a passport photo?

As far as any official notification released by the Passport authority, there is no hard and fast rule for the dress code for passport photo. Thus, you can opt for any color, but based on experience, you must know that the background will be darker, so try to wear something dark.

How do I make sure I look good in a passport photo?

There are different techniques you can consider in order to look good in a passport photo and to explore them, take a glance at the points given below; please have a look:
•    To get a jawline, you have to push your head a little forward.  
•    You need to fix your position in seconds by taking a long breath so you can hold yourself.
•    You must appear fresh before having a picture so you appear good in the picture. 
•    However, you can practice and take trial photos so you can get a better picture in your passport. 

What not to wear for passport picture?

There are things that you must avoid wearing as this can help you get better passport-size pictures. But for that, you are requested to dive into the points that are provided below; please take a look:
•    Don’t wear light— You must put on clothes that are dark but not light, for example, white, grey, etc., you must avoid. 
•    Avoid uniforms or Camouflage patterns— You must avoid wearing any uniform representing the state, police, etc., as this goes against the guidelines set by the apex authorities. 
•    Minimal accessories— You must carry fewer accessories to have a better passport picture. 
•    Avoid headgear— You must avoid wearing any headgear (exceptions: medical and religious), as this will help you maintain the passport photo dress code. 

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