Top 10 largest airport in the world - 2023

Accumulate Information on the world’s Biggest Airports

Passengers choose the Air travel option to cover the long distance in the fastest, easiest, and most convenient manner. Air travel is an ideal option as it can carry armed forces personnel and visitors and transport heavy material most quickly and safely. Due to these services, the importance of Air travel is increasing rapidly, and as a result, cities or countries are working on making large airports. If you are looking for the biggest airport in the world in size but cannot get proper guidance, then you will get complete details by reading further. 

The world’s Top 10 biggest airports are mentioned below.

Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Thailand

Suvarnabhumi International Airport comes on number ten as it speeded in more than 32 sq km in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, due to which the other name of this airport is Bangkok International Airport. This airport operates 40 to 55 flights per hour, it becomes the 15th busiest airport.

Cairo International Airport, Egypt

The major airport of Egypt is Cairo International Airport, up to 37 sq km, and this airport started its services in 1963. At that time, this was the biggest airport in Africa, but now it is the second biggest airport in Africa. 

Shanghai International Airport

The Shanghai International Airport covered nearly 40 sq km and became China's largest airport. This airport is the fastest-growing hub for cargo flights, and it has become one of the airports in cargo traffic. 

George Bush airport

In Taxes, USA, George Bush airport has around 37 sq km of land. This airport was opened in 1969, and at that time, its name was Houston Intercontinental Airport, which was changed in 1997. In terms of flights, this airport operates 700 flights regularly. 

Beijing Daxing International Airport

This airport is located at the border of Beijing and Langfang, and due to its design, it is nicknamed Starfish. This airport covers 47 sq km, so it is the biggest airport in Asia. In 2019, this airport also won the award for hygiene measures. 

Dulles International Airport

The world’s fifth largest airport is located in the capital of the USA, whose size is nearly 52 sq km area, and on average, 000 passengers travel with this airport regularly to more than 139 destinations. The busiest domestic route at this airport is Colorado and San Francisco. 

Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport is the business airport of Florida on which nearly 130,000 passengers travel daily. The area of this airport is nearly 53 sq km; several major airlines serve through this airport, and this airport is the major hub for JetBlue, Southwest, and Spirit Airlines.

Dallas Fort International Airport

This airport started its operations in 1973, and at that time, it was built on 69 sq km. At this airport, you will get 05 terminals and nearly 168 gates; this airport is located in North Texas. 

Denver International Airport

This is America's largest airport, spread across 137 sq km. The infrastructure of Denver airport is quite iconic because they have assembled different services and departments so travelers can easily get assistance from the associated representative. 

King Fahd Airport

The largest airport in the world is KFIA This is not one of the busiest airports; it is far bigger than the 2nd largest airport as it covers more than 776 sq km. This airport is the major hub for airlines such as Flynas and Saudia.

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