Is Southwest or Delta better?

Both airlines have their own merits; thus, it is hard to say which airline is better. We have divided the survey into certain sections where we have asked the questions regarding different features of both airlines. It's time to take out a pen and paper to research which airline to choose for the next trip. The upcoming section of this article will help you with this. 

Southwest vs Delta: Who is best to fly? 

The biggest debate of the era was Delta Airlines vs Southwest Airlines. Let's reveal the mystery box of Delta and Southwest to find out which airline is better to fly. We have conducted a survey with the regular flyers of both airlines, and today, we are sharing unbiased reports of real passengers. Their experience can help us in comparing both airlines. 

Are Delta seats bigger than Southwest? 

According to our survey, passengers fleeing with Delta Airlines have shown much interest in repeating their trip with the airline when it comes to the seats. Yes, Delta offers a bigger seat to its passengers. However, they charge more for seat selection. So, if you are ready to compromise a little, you can get a seat at an affordable rate with Southwest Airlines. However, Southwest seats are not fancy but pretty comfortable.

Is Delta more comfortable than Southwest?

Passengers who value their comfort over money can choose Delta Airlines. The airline offers a variety of luxurious inflight services that enhance the comfort of your journey and make it more enjoyable. At the same time, choosing Southwest can also be a better deal. They serve refreshment meals to the passengers and on-demand food from their trained chef. Both airlines have their merits in making the journey easy and comfortable. 

Does Delta have more legroom than Southwest? 

Yes, the seats of Delta Airlines are more prominent, and thus, they can offer you more legroom. The seats with Delta are pretty spacious and have added features to make your journey more comfortable. Whereas the seats with Southwest Airlines are of average size, the passengers have not complained about the space anywhere, but Delta passengers seem much happier with the legroom of the seats. 

Which airline is cheaper Delta or Southwest?

If you are lacking with the funds then Southwest can be a better option for you. They are offering flights at an affordable rate with top-notch facilities. Delta is comparatively expensive, so avoid Delta if budget is your concern. 

If you are confused about Southwest Airlines vs Delta, which airline to choose to fly, then you can read this article for help. This article has compared the different features of both airlines. 

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