How to check status of passport Online?

When you are traveling internationally and have completed all the required bookings, it is also mandatory to keep your passport status in check so that you are aware of whether you will get a valid passport with you before your traveling day or not. One can look for the status of their passport online after 14 business days of applying. Now, if you wonder how can I check my passport status online, you can take help of the following steps:
•    You have to start by visiting the State Department website:,
•    First, you must read the disclaimers added on the site to go further,
•    Next, tick the box that you have gone through with the mentioned disclaimers and click the Submit button,
•    In the Passport Application Status form, you have to provide the mandate information:

  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Last 4 digits of SSN (Social Security Number!)

•    Put the mentioned code in the suitable column to tap the Submit button,
•    Now, the status of your passport will show on the screen.

How to check passport status by name?

In order to check a passport status, a few things are mandatory, whether you are checking the status online or offline. Merely your name cannot tell you the status of your passport; you will need the date of birth you have mentioned on the passport application along with the SSN number. Afterward, you can put these details on the State Department website on the Application Status panel. 

How can I check my passport progress?

One can check the progress of one's passport by getting through the National Passport Information Center by phone. The representative available at the center will help you know the progress and might inform you of the passport mailing date and the estimated time you will get your passport. 
Follow the points to check the passport status:
•    You have to give a call to the National Passport Information Center on 1-877-487-2778,
•    A moment will take to connect you with a representative at the information center,
•    Once a representative avails, you can inquire about your passport progress by providing the mandate details.
•    The representative will promptly provide you with the progress of your passport. 

How do I check my passport renewal status?

To receive the information on your passport’s renewal status, you can directly send an email to In the email, you should provide your First and Last Name, DOB, and passport application number. You will get an email from the department in a few business days. 

How do you track passport delivery?

When the verification of your passport is completed, the passport is shipped by the State Department to your mentioned mailing address. Now, if you would like to track the delivery of your passport, you must obtain the tracking number from the email you have received and follow the following points:
•    You have to visit this page:,
•    Navigate the “Passport Tracking” option on the page,
•    Now, you have to enter the Tracking number you have received into the provided column,
•    The status of your passport delivery will load on the site in a moment. 

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