How Can I Book a Multi-city Trip with British Airways?

British Airways is one of the best airlines that passengers worldwide can consider flying with. The airline provides an incredible traveling experience and a user-friendly platform to discover, explore and book flights to numerous destinations. They also allow its passengers to book British Airways multi-city flights to cover multiple destinations under a single itinerary, saving them cost and time. You can easily book it through the modes below.

  • Online through their website: It is the most preferred way to book a multi-city flight as it takes the minimum possible time.
  • Using the British Airways mobile app: Another possibility is booking through their mobile app. You can straightforwardly keep track of your booking, and it's safe for payments.
  • By calling a representative: Another option is calling a representative at 1(800)247-9297. 
  • B.A. booking offices: As a last resort, you can also book your multi-city flight by visiting the British Airways ticket counters at the airport.

How to book multi-city flights on the British Airways App? 

You can conveniently book B.A. multi-city flights using their mobile app to complete the process at your fingertips. It is efficient as you can do it anywhere by replicating the steps described below.

  • Open the British Airways mobile app on your phone.
  • Tap the Book Flight option at the top of the Menu Bar.
  • Select the Multi-city option before selecting your destinations.
  • Enter Arrival City 1 and Destination City 1 and the travel date.
  • Enter Arrival City 2 and Destination City 2 and the travel date.
  • Enter Arrival City 3 and Destination City 3 and the travel date, and so on. You can add up to six destinations or stopovers.
  • Select the number of passengers and travel class to search for the available flights.
  • Pick the best suitable flights to proceed to the payments page.
  • Pay the required amount, and your booking is completed.
  • They will instantly drop an email containing your e-tickets.

How Can I add a stopover on British Airways? 

You have got the option to add up to 6 stopovers at a British Airways flight through the Multi-city booking option. You can approach it in the manner stated below.

  • Open the website
  • Click the Book option at the top of the Menu Bar.
  • Select the Multi-City & Round the World option as the trip type.
  • You can now add up to six stopovers or remove them accordingly.
  • Select the destinations and make the payment to complete the booking. 

How many destinations does British Airways fly to?

British Airways provides its services to 382 destinations across 75 countries worldwide, out of which 16 are domestic destinations, and 366 are International ones. Some of the popular destinations covered by them are as follows.
•    London 
•    Madrid
•    New York
•    Singapore
•    Malaga
•    Edinburgh
•    Dublin
•    Barcelona 
•    Sydney

How many flights does British Airways do?

According to the data published by Cirium Aviation Analytics Firm Cirium, British Airways has 120,637 scheduled flights which interprets 23.2 million Seats. Amongst this, approximately 78% of flights are short-haul within the U.K. and Europe.

How many daily flights does British Airways have?

On average, British Airways operates 850 flights in a day to famous domestic and International destinations worldwide

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