Which terminal in MCO is Frontier ?

Suppose your Frontier Airlines is flying from MCO Airport, and you wonder what terminal you must reach to board your flight. Will Frontier MCO Terminal be Terminal A, including other Airlines, Frontier Airlines also departures from the respective terminal; ensure you double check your Airline terminal before reaching as there are rare times when the Airline changes the terminal to get information; you can speak to the live person available at the terminal help counter.

What is the number for Frontier Airlines at MCO?

To gather the information regarding your Frontier Airlines at MCO, if you are facing any issues regarding your baggage and want to be informed regarding the special assistance service, then you can speak with customer support and get assistance on your queries by dialing the Frontier MCO phone number, to know the further procedure go can go through the information mentioned beneath.

  • Start by calling the Frontier Airlines MCO Airport number - 1 (801) 401-9000.
  • Pick your preferred language and the appropriate query from the given IVR option.
  • The live person will get on the phone line and speak to him about your concerns.
  • The assistant will explain the reason for the inconvenience and help you solve the issue.

What time does the Frontier ticket counter open at MCO?

MCO Airport is open 24/7; if you are heading to make your flight reservation with Frontier Airline, then you can reach the Ticket counter at any hour, as it is open for all working hours and provides you with instant assistance, or else if you want to speak to the person at the ticket counter through a phone call, then you can proceed by calling on Frontier MCO contact number and ask the agent to make the reservation for your flight as per your requirement. 

Is Frontier Airlines Terminal A or B at Orlando Airport?

Frontier Airlines flight operates from Terminal A at Orlando Airport; make sure you reach your terminal on time so you can pass the security check conveniently without getting late for your scheduled flight, as it is recommended you must reach the terminal in at least 2-3 hours prior to your flight departure.

How do I Reach Frontier Airlines at Orlando Airport?

Suppose you cannot contact the Frontier Airlines representative through a phone call due to the constant busy line or bad internet connection. In that case, you can directly visit the Orlando Airport, which is located at “ORLANDO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, 1 JEFF FUQUA BOULEVARD, ORLANDO, FLORIDA 32827.” and talk to the Frontier MCO customer service about your concerns regarding the service.

How to contact Frontier Airlines' lost and found at MCO Airport?

After traveling with Frontier Airlines from MCO Airport, if you have mistakenly lost any of your items at the Airport, you can call the Frontier Airlines lost and found service helpline number 407-825-3362. Speak to the agent about your misplaced item by elaborating on the details of the lost product. The agent will try to find it and then contact you shortly.
In case you fail to speak with the agent on call,, you can directly visit the Lost and Found counter, which is in Terminal A on Level 1 (Ground Transportation), which opens from around 7:00 a.m. to 7:30 pm. daily.